GWP has established relationships with many steel suppliers and manufacturers in Northern and Eastern China. Through our relationship with steel suppliers, we can source and provide the materials required for steel fabrication according to the specification standards of our clients. 

Our QA/QC Team can ensure that the steel meets the required quality standards for each project. 

Structural steel is a flexible and versatile building material that can come in various shapes and sizes for many potential uses. 

Recently, we are commonly producing Steel Casing, Steel Plates, and Steel Formwork. Apart from these standard products, with modern technology it is increasingly a viable option to pursue custom metal fabrication to supply specialized structural steel for any type of project.


  Pipe piling has been growing in popularity and implementation by leaps and bounds since the late 1980s. A series of exhaustive tests were able to demonstrate how effective pipe piling is in load bearing, and thus use of pipe piling in the civil construction industry boomed. 

  If your industry involves heavy loads or deep foundation structures, you need to know about pipe piling. We supply steel pipes ranged from OD508mm to OD810mm, and up to OD2000mm, with and without clutch bars.




  Steel plate construction is a rapid method of constructing heavy reinforced concrete items. It is roughly twice the speed of other reinforced concrete construction because it avoids tying rebar and constructing forms on-site.

  The method has excellent strength because the steel is on the outside, where tensile forces are often greatest. Because the construction time is about half, sunk interest costs for heavy construction projects are about half when this method is used.
  GWP supplies all sorts of steel plates according to our Client’s needs.

Steel Plates

Steel Plates


  Formwork is temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured.

  In the context of concrete construction, the falsework supports the shuttering molds.

  We have supplied these Formwork to several tunnel projects in Hong Kong.

Lam Tin Tunnel Blasting Door

Lam Tin Tunnel Cross Adit Lining Shutter


  Apart from our main product lines, we also supply H-Beams, I-Beams, Steel Angles, C-Channels, RHS, SHS, and standard hoardings for CEDD / ASD / HyD.



Manufacture & Fabrication

  GWP has two cooperative steel manufacturing plants in
Dongguan and Huizhou in Guangdong Province, China,
with approximate land areas of 20,000 square meters and
38,000 square meters respectively. These two facilities
have a combined monthly production capacity of 1,500
  Each facility is staffed with a skilled production team, QA/
QC staff and technical staff. Additionally, our engineers
and technical personnel will ensure that there is informed
planning and designing for the fabrication and delivery of
our steel structures and products.

  With a 1,500-ton monthly production capacity, we can meet the demands of our clients on a stable schedule. 

  Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities includes Surface Cleaning, Cutting and Machining, Punching and Drilling, Straightening/Bending and Rolling, Fitting and Reaming, Finishing, Surface Treatment, Welded Connections etc.

  Our structural steel products can be found in Buildings, Factories, Plants and Foundations. In addition to supplying steel, we can also provide on-site support for the welding and erection of steelwork.

  Over the past few years, GWP Engineering Limited has proven its high standards of quality and reliability to all its clients. The demand for steel structural works will continue to be an important element in our company’s growing operations in China, Hong Kong
and overseas.

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